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Looking for something unique? Try our metal business cards

By September 10Design7 min read
Looking for something unique? Try our metal business cards

How much do metal business cards cost?

Metal business cards cost more than traditional business cards made of paper as they require more tooling to produce. They typically cost between $4-6 per card when effects like etching and laser cutting are included. We offer a range of stainless steel business cards to suit all budgets.

What are metallic business cards?

Metallic business cards involve a printing process where CMUK colors and printed with gold or silver foil. The end result is a shimmery, glittery metallic business card. These cards are typically printed on paper cardstocks, not metal.

Printing Effects on our Metal Business Cards


Recording only for our metal cards. When used on our stainless steel cards, it creates a slightly embedded look with a matte finish. It is a beautiful and luxurious finish for details and design on our metal cards and is striking in combination with a spot color.

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving provides an extremely unique finish. Most popular on our metal plates, the laser burns the desired design, leaving an interesting finish with different shades of color depending on the surface cut. For example, on our uncoated black duplex cards the end result is a deep “bronze” indentation. On our black metal cards you will see the silver and bronze finishes on our stainless metal and gold cards.

Spot color

Spot-coloring allows you to add solid, bright colors to metal cards. For best results, spot coloring blends well with etching, although with the right design it can also be self-contained. Add branding or a unique color to the design of painted metal cards.

Cut Through

Pressure cutting allows unique settings for your cards. Both simple and complex designs can be made with precision and intricately with our metal cards, giving you an attractive and beautiful result. Use it to decorate the inside of the card design or to give the rounded corners or cards a unique shape.

Prism and frost Decoration

The unique prism and front finishes available in our luxurious range of black metal cards provide beautiful textured and fingerprint resistant finishes. The prism finish allows for microgeometric patterns, while the frost resistant finish gives the card a fine texture. Our range of luxurious black metal cards with prism or frost-resistant finishes is an elegant and powerful expression.

Variable data

The variable data allow you to distinguish unique details on each card. An example would be a business card for several people with the same logos and address data, or a member card with a unique member number on each card. Variable data is available on our metal cards and can be laser engraved or dotted.

Mirror finish

Our metal cards are available in 3 different finishes. The mirror finish provides a highly reflective and polished surface and gives our gold, pink gold and stainless steel cards a beautiful and luxurious finish. The mirror finish gives an elegant and magnificent end result.

– The mirror finish is less resistant to scratches and stains.
– For best results, we recommend the use of engravings or cross-sections on a large part of the card.
– Different surface finishes are possible on both sides of the cardboard (only one finish on each side).

Original finish

The original finish is in our stainless steel card warehouse. It is not as reflective as the mirror finish, but it gives a particularly unique “metallic” look and an elegant gloss. It is comparable to the finish of most luxury stainless steel appliances and tools.

– As the original finish is more scratch resistant than the mirror finish, we recommend its use on cards with many unpainted surfaces.
– Applicable only on our stainless steel cards.
– Both sides of the cards can have different surface finishes (only one finish on each side).

Brushed finish

The brushed finish is the 3rd type of finish we offer in our range of metal cards. The result is a very fine line brush pattern over the entire gross area of the board. It is ideal for business cards with large amounts of etching.

– Only suitable for metal cards.
– Different surface roughness is possible on both sides of the card (only one surface etching on each side).

Are metal business cards a good investment for your business?

Metal business cards are an innovation in business culture. There are many companies in the sector, each trying to stand out and give visibility to their business. So, what does it take to do that? The business industry is booming every day. And with this growing statistic, the number of companies is also growing. There is enormous competition in the business world. However, there is a fixed budget for each industry. The budget for marketing and promotion must be strictly respected. Although most start-ups have a low budget and extravagant promotion or marketing cannot be allowed.

Metal business cards will certainly attract attention. Do you know why? It is human psychology that when we see something unusual, our memory captures it and lasts in our memory. The same thing happens with metal business cards. These cards are not common in industry. Only a few companies use these business cards. So when you deliver a business card to your potential customer. he may be stunned to receive a business card made of metal. Thus, he will enter into a conversation with you without any intention. Now your role is to convince the customer to try your services. If you play your role well, Voila! You have acquired a client.

Also, if the person doesn’t need your services, he/she will certainly remember you and will contact you when necessary. All this thanks to a business card that is not one of the usual ones you’ll see. When it comes to metal business cards, you are not giving them to everyone around you. Find potential customers or someone who might need your service and give them your business card. It is your decision making or intuition that you choose and try to convince.

A metal business card is not magic or a miracle that will miraculously win customers. It is simply a bridge to take you to your destination. Now it’s your effort to find a potential destination and try to point the best place to land the order. If you do this right, most of your work is done. When your company generates revenue to finance your business card, you already know how to charm your customer with your work and your recreation is history.

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