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Working with CMYK Rich Black Build

By September 25printing tips2 min read
Working with CMYK Rich Black Build

What is CMYK Rich Black Build? Printing on real or saturated black can be a challenge, so we’ve split the CMYK color settings into our black CMYK proposal and explained why some of the frequently used black assemblies are not recommended.

Rich Black Cmyk

What is CMYK?

The printing industry offers a variety of CMYK configurations for true or saturated black printing. After numerous tests and calibrations, we have chosen the most suitable circuit for our printing machines.

When using saturated black, it gets darker than when using 100% ink. For best results, we recommend a high black value for all printed products: C60, M40, Y40, K100.

This is a business card with a dotted UV light. We will discuss saturated black CMYK colors to ensure that your card is printed in true black.

C0, M0, Y0, K100 usually result in very dark gray colors but not rich in black. We usually see black by default in Adobe Photoshop, which is used instead of the recommended black color. The problem with using C75, M68, Y67, K90 is that it will not print very rich black. This setting is the result of the conversion from real black to RGB to CMYK. The print result is usually dirty due to the over-saturated color structure.

For best results, we recommend using the values from the table above. Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact our excellent customer service for further assistance.

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