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November 15

Why Window Wraps are the next big thing in marketing

How can you develop a business and reach as many potential customers as possible with your brand without spending all your money on advertising? Window wraps could be the smart…
October 18

Trade Show Printing: Javits Center in New York City

Trade shows are perfect avenues to promote business and network, and where better to join in a trade show than in America’s most famous trade show location, the Javits Center…
September 24

Wild Posting 101: All you need to know about wild posting

No doubt you’ve heard the marketing term Wild Posting thrown about. You’ve probably got a good idea of what it is but without all the nuts and bolts. Here’s our…
Designprinting tips
July 21

Introducing our Raised Foil & Raised UV Cards

Raised foil and raised UV effects are a dynamic new effect for your business cards, invitations, folders and bookmarks. It’s literally a 3D raised surface on your cards, perfect for…
printing tips
June 28

Working with CMYK Rich Black Build

What is CMYK Rich Black Build? Printing on real or saturated black can be a challenge, so we’ve split the CMYK color settings into our black CMYK proposal and explained…
Designprinting tips
June 27

Everything you Wanted to Know About Embossing & Debossing

When it comes to adding an unparalleled level of elegance to your business cards, only a few options shine through like recording and debossing. If you’re looking for a way…
Designprinting tips
June 20

Yes, you still need a business card in 2019

In the digital age, many people miss traditional business cards and even say that they are a thing of the past, moving away from a fax machine and a phone…
printing tips
June 14

Difference Between Offset & Digital Printing: A Guide

No matter what kind of print marketing you produce, be it banners, brochures or plastic cards, it is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of basic printing technologies. Offset…
April 23

How & Why You Should Use Booklets in Your Print Marketing Strategy

Booklets are amazing. Whether you are running a campaign for your most loyal customers or advertising to potential buyers, booklets are the way to go. They are just as distributable…
April 19

5 Important Things to Consider for Luxury Packaging

Packaging is one of the biggest yet the most underrated aspects of most marketing strategies. Your brand’s packaging plays a much larger role in promoting it than you may realize.…
April 11

Using LED Light boxes in Your Marketing Strategy

LED light boxes are a great marketing instrument. Surprisingly, they are quite underused. LED light boxes are perfect for promoting directly to customers with eye-catching and visually-pleasing advertising. The awesome…
March 31

Embossing vs Debossing Explained

Embossed and Debossed card designs give a dynamic touch of elegance. The possibilities are endless but there is a lot of confusion between these two distinctive forms of letterpress printing.…
Campaignsguerilla marketingMarketing
March 31

How these famous campaigns created massive social impact

The popular expression “marketing tactics” reminds consumers of unecessary, indulgent and disposable product and services they are being shimmied in to buying. It conjures up feelings of deception and consumers…
March 31

5 Invitation Designs you won’t believe are free

Invitations and greeting cards are the timeheld traditional communication tool for events, parties, weddings and thank you notes. For hundreds of years we’ve used invitations but now with digital printing…
February 28

Working with Colors in Print

Before you start a professional design or printing project, it is never pointless to check the basics of color. Of course there are a lot of different approaches, but everyone…
February 27

Metallic Foil Stamping vs. Metallic Ink Printing: Is One Better Than the Other?

There are times when you have to take your print advertising up a notch. Often times, what a printed material really needs is a unique appeal which traditional printing styles…
February 24

6 Reasons Why Outdated Printed Advertising Materials Can Hurt Your Sales

When was the last time you did a complete overhaul of your marketing materials? If your answer contains the words ‘do not remember’, then maybe now is the right time…
February 18

Choosing the Right Medium for Your Project

The material used for your project depends on a variety of factors, including what you print (books, flyers, posters, brochures), what it is used for, and the scope of the…
February 4

Large Format Printing explained

Large format printing has grown in recent years and continues to evolve with the emergence of new technologies. Today’s large format printers are both economical and easy to use and…
January 10

Effective Large Format Banner Design

Often designers miss details that could be crucial to the success of your banner. You need to consider a lot of things when designing the perfect banner. Large format banners…
August 17

Why using a Professional Printer for large format printing has changed the game

Large format printing, as the name suggests, is a huge undertaking. Your regular office printer just won’t be able to handle it. It requires specialized equipment and experts with enough…
July 26

Your campaign is only as good as your next Lookbook

Fashion “lookbooks” are one of the most searched fashion terms on the internet. There has been an explosion of new independent fashion labels on the market in the past few…
guerilla marketing
July 26

How we ran a Wild Posting campaign in NYC without getting arrested

Wild posting has become incredibly popular in urban areas and cities in the past few years. Why? Because it’s creative, low cost and has maximum impact. You don’t need a…
Marketingprinting tips
June 27

Trade Show Printing 101 Guide

Of course, trade shows are an excellent platform for showcasing your services and products to new and potential customers. With so many trade shows taking place around the country each…
Marketingprinting tips
June 25

All You Need to Know about Blueprint Printing

Whether you are building or renovating a property, your contractor always prefers to rely on a set of blueprints. After all, they form the basis for any architectural design. A…
June 20

Saddle Stitch Binding or Perfect Binding: Which Binding Style is right for you?

There are many choices available to bind your booklet in a manner that not only makes them attractive but also enhances their reader’s experience. Saddle stitch and perfect binding are…
May 13

Choosing the Right Font for your Luxury Stationery

The right font can have a significant impact on your consumer. It can pique their interest and generate intrigue for your brand. The font that you use will cement the…
May 4

How to Establish Trust with your Luxury Business Card

Nurturing and growing personal connections in business will always be at the heart of most deals. Adding a touch of human interaction by a simple exchange of business cards will…
March 24

Trade Show Collateral Checklist

Trade shows offer an excellent opportunity to showcase your brand to the industry. These shows allow you to project a positive brand image and attract new customers to your business.…
March 19

Why You Should Invest in Luxury Business Cards

A business card is a tool that not only helps two people network, but it also connects the business itself to the person receiving it. The card will help build…
digital marketingdirect mailMarketingvariable data
March 9

3 Ways to Personalize Your Print Marketing

Your customers value individuality. Seeing or hearing ones name demands attention from that person. Personalization in marketing leverages your customer data to build a tailor-made message which is relevant to…
February 25

Why Flyers should be part of your next marketing campaign

Want to know what the hottest print marketing trend in 2018 is? Flyers, flyers, flyers. They’re so easy to distribute and the right design is both eye-catching and a high…
new yorkNewsposterswild posting
February 21

Running the ultimate Wild Posting campaign

Wild posting has become incredibly popular in urban areas and cities in the past few years. Why? Because it’s creative, low cost and has maximum impact. You don’t need a…
Designfashionfashion weeklookbooknew york fashion weekprinting tips
February 11

How to design the perfect Fashion Lookbook

Fashion “lookbooks” are one of the most searched fashion terms on the internet. There has been an explosion of new independent fashion labels on the market in the past few…
Marketingoutdoor advertisingwild posting
February 8

4 event types that Wild Posting is the perfect outdoor advertising for!

In the world of entertainment marketing, timing is absolutely everything. The new movie about to launch, only has one opening day. Your favorite band that’s playing this summer? They’re only…
January 29

5 Must-Have Sales Collaterals for Small Business

All small business and start-ups understand the importance of sales collaterals. An effective sales collateral facilitates your salesperson in closing the deal. A beautifully printed product fact sheet that the…
January 28

Making Digital and Print Media Work Together

Print is still the preferred medium for most people to consume their information. Yes, a large percentage of people have started searching for and consuming products and services online, but…
January 19

Tips to Create Successful Brochures

Brochures do not have to be boring pieces of information all put together. Instead, updating your age-old brochure with a fresh design that makes a striking impression on your client…
January 7

Print Marketing Strategies for 2018

As we head into the New Year, it is time we reflect on our marketing strategies and come up with new ways to engage our loyal customer base. Creating a…
December 11

5 Last Minute Print Marketing Ideas for the Holidays

Sometimes things just slip our minds, and even the best of plans need some rejigging. We completely understand that this may happen to anyone of us and especially during the…
December 2

5 Tips for Printing Flyers this Holiday Season

If you are looking for an inexpensive yet useful tool to market your products and services, look no further than flyers. Whether it is a company event, sales promotion or…
November 3

4 Luxury Printing Gift Ideas for the Holiday Season

Whether you are gifting a close friend or want to wish a very important client for this holiday season, a luxury printed gift can be the perfect solution. Here are…
ChristmasDesignHappy New YearMarketing
November 2

5 Holiday Season Printing Ideas That Will Boost Your Business

The holiday season is right around the corner, and the savvy business owners and managers start planning early to ensure that their business gets noticed. Holiday printing can be a…
October 2

Meet our new RICOH Pro C9110 digital printing press!

As part of our investment in to state-of-the-art printing tooling, we’ve just received our new RICOH Pro C9110 printer here in Manhattan! This digital printing press has just been released…
wild posting
August 2

Wild Posting Campaigns Are Taking Over Marketing

Like a stone through a window, this kind of out of home advertising (OOH advertising) is not new, but it is extremely effective. It's been called lots of things like…
July 23

Luxury Paper Stock for Professional Business Cards

Paper stock and card stock (a thicker more durable type of paper stock) is one of the most crucial decisions to be made when ordering your business cards. The difference…
business cardscardscorporateDesignprinting tips
July 21

Supercharging Your Business Cards | Same Day Business Cards in NYC

Your handshake may the first impression you make, but your business card is the first representation of your brand – and it is one that people use to eliminate. You…
July 21

3 Reasons to Choose Luxury Office Stationery

When making an impression with new clients, it’s important that your brand tells a story. Do you think that one business card will be enough to convey that important message?…
July 17

Use Your Restaurant Takeout Menus As a Marketing Weapon

Takeout is a great way to expand your business and boost your restaurant sales. There are only so many tables at your restaurant, and during busy times, people do need…
July 14

Designing The Perfect Logo for Your Business Cards

For small business owners, design is not always your first ability – so if you’re struggling with how to build your visual brand, our pro tips can help. You don’t…
July 12

25 Extraordinary Letterpress Business Card Ideas

Luxury Printing are experts in the time-held tradition of elegant letterpress printing. Letterpress printing is the method of relief printing using a printing press; a process multiple copies could be…
Marketingprinting tipsreal estate
June 28

How to use Print to Supercharge your Real Estate Marketing

Marketing is an ever evolving industry. Even if you have had success with word of mouth advertising and a strong referral base, if you aren’t keeping your marketing ideas and…
June 24

Discover The World’s Most Luxurious Business Cards

Are you designing a new and professional business card? Are you looking for the highest quality, extraordinary card to make an everlasting impression when you pull one out of your…
May 27

Luxury Business Card Finishes

In order to succeed in today’s highly competitive world, you need to make a lasting impression on your clients. A luxury business card will help you achieve exactly that. A…
May 16

Luxury Business Cards That Help You Stand Out

In today’s highly competitive business world, most professionals are swarmed with tons of business cards. After all, a business card is a staple of any professional’s arsenal. It is the…
January 7

Brochure Printing NYC

Create A Buzz With Premium Brochures Brochures are a great tool to put a lot of information into the hands of the receiver. Folded brochures are great for restaurant menus,…
December 2

21 Beautifully Designed Business Cards To Inspire You

Picture this: you’ve just finished an important business meeting with some big names in the industry. The meeting went well, they liked your idea and there’s the indication they are…
Designfashionfashion weeklookbooksMarketing
June 29

Perfect Lookbook Printing This Fashion Week

In 2016, ‘LOOKBOOK’ became one of the most searched fashion related terms on the internet. The rise of the independent fashion blogger and an explosion of new clothing labels on…
Designflyersguerilla marketingMarketing
May 31

5 Easy Steps to Create A Memorable Flyer Design

Flyers, flyers, flyers. An inexpensive but highly effective tool in your  marketing arsenal. Flyers are of course easy to distribute and eye-catching whilst being a high-return marketing tool as you…
guerilla marketingMarketingpostersprinting tipswild posting
April 22

How to Run Wild Posting Campaigns and Not Be Arrested!

The same old marketing techniques, paper classifieds, leaflets stuck under the window wipers. It’s time for a something new and exciting, innovative and creative. Something that you don’t need a…
Newsprinting tips
January 28

Before you Start Printing; Print Tips!

Digital printing is a convoluted process which requires many complex procedures going on inside computers and printers. It is important to know the basics and develop an awareness of how…
real estate
May 6

Real Estate Printing NYC

Printing & Marketing Solutions for Real Estate Companies is the ultimate real estate print marketing house for real estate professionals. We specialize in the printing and manufacturing of Coroplast…
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