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Top 5 Wheatpasting Services

By September 21Services17 min read
Top 5 Wheatpasting Services

Wheatpasting is one of the most exciting outdoor advertising mediums right now; street level posters are placed at high traffic areas around the city, usually in repetitive groups to catch the eye. Wheatpasting campaigns often use multiple locations which offers wide exposure for the brand as people walking past can often see the campaign multiple times during a day.

You want to get in on the action, right? Let’s help you get your brand up on the walls around New York, NY. But with so many agencies, printers and media buyers offering wheatpasting services, how will you find the right partner to execute your campaign? We’ve roadtested the best wheatpasting services in NYC and list them all here. These providers do the entire process from printing wheatpaste posters, to real estate negotiation with landowners and the city, then the application and installation of the posters.

#1 Wild Posters

Wheatpasting X13
Type Service
Store wheatpaste posters
Phone 718-552-2112
Live Chat Yes
Location Brooklyn, NY / Los Angeles, CA

Wild Posters are a poster printing specialty store in Brooklyn, NY. They also have a sales office in Los Angeles and print and install wheatpasting campaigns in a number of cities on the West Coast. Specialising in poster printing, OOH marketing and window advertising, Wild Posters have a 20 years in New York printing and installing wheatpasting campaigns and window wraps all over the city.

You can call them up direct and they’ll walk you through the process. They print wheatpaste posters that you can install yourself, or you can use their team to do the installation. They have a dedicated team for Real Estate who have existing deals with landowners, stores and properties so you can access their walls safely and legally.

#2 Gorilla Printing

Cheapest Printing Services 3
Type Service
Store Gorilla Printing
Phone 888-494-6745
Live Chat Yes
Location Brooklyn, NY

Gorilla Printing are a large format printing store in New York, NY that offer a number of OOH marketing services such as wheatpasting and window advertising.

Their OOH services are available across most major US cities including New York City and Los Angeles and Miami. Gorilla Printing mostly sells to media buyers, agencies and outsourcing for other large format printing companies however they do provide their services for individuals and businesses who want to run wheatpasting campaigns, wheatpaste posters or anything OOH marketing related.

They offer the most affordable costs for large format products that we have ever seen, and they also offer uncommon same-day printing for large format products. In actuality, very few online printing providers provide large format printing. Choose window clingsvehicle wrapsconstruction signswheatpaste posterswheatpastingwindow graphics and billboards if you’re looking for the best prices.

#3 1800 Printing

Wheatpasting X12
Type Service
Store 1800 Printing
Phone 1-800-774-6846
Live Chat Yes
Location New York, Los Angeles, Miami

1800 Printing is a popular chain printing store with service locations in New York, Los Angeles and Miami. They offer a full-suite wheatpasting service which includes wheatpaste poster printing, real estate scouting and placements and installation of the posters. If you’ve been walking around New York in the last decade there’s a great chance you’ve walked past a wheatpasting campaign printed and installed by 1800 Printing.

They have a modern website that’s easy to order products and upload your artworks, or you can ask for a direct quote online and they’ll typically reply within the hour. Their team is very knowledgeable and helpful and they can work with any sized budgets for their wheatpasting service.

#4 Printing Brooklyn

Wheatpasting X11
Type Service
Store Printing Brooklyn
Phone 833-774-6825
Live Chat Yes
Location Brooklyn, NY

Printing Brooklyn may be reached from Manhattan by crossing the Brooklyn bridge. The price at this shop won’t be matched, and you can pick up your prints on Macdonald Avenue in Brooklyn. As well as their wheatpasting service, they print practically anything, so you can get anything from business cards to flyers to go with your wheatpaste posters. Their claim is that they use recycled card as their standard card stock to create environmentally responsible items. Use their online printing services, which include business cards, posters, banners, outdoor advertising, and same-day printing, for affordable printing.

They have a modern website that’s easy to order products and upload your artworks, or you can ask for a direct quote online and they’ll typically reply within the hour. Their team is very knowledgeable and helpful and they can work with any sized budgets for their wheatpasting service.

#5 Printing New York

Wheatpasting X10
Type Service
Store Printing New York
Phone 212-381-2826
Live Chat Yes
Location Manhattan, Brooklyn

Printing New York is one of the bigger print shops in NYC and is a multi-service printer and OOH marketing company. They provide a full service with printing, Real Estate and wheatpasting service so you can be sure your poster posting campaigns can be taken care of from start to finish. Their wheatpaste posters can be printed same day and they offer pickups in their 2 store locations in Manhattan, NY and Brooklyn, NY.

On top of wheatpasting, they also offer a complete window advertising service where you can get your store windows wrapped in full cover graphics and adverts which works much like wheatpasting buy opens up the door for many new locations.

What is Wheatpasting?

Wheatpasting is a guerilla marketing strategy that can be both legal and unlawful. wheatpaste posters used to be posted in more illegal than legal locations in the past. Fines, the decrease in available locations brought on by the increase in the value of urban commercial property, and the internet’s ease of information exchange have all contributed to the exposure of wheatpasting in illegal locations (loosely defined as done without the owner’s consent). Wheatpasting has also become less effective as a result, as legal placements are now more common and less visible than they were in the past. The lawful wheatpasting location has become more traditional and less disruptive, losing its former traditional feeling of surprise and guerilla action. The message is no longer unexpected because it is placed where it has always been placed.

Wheatpasting generates buzz about your products on the street. At some of the most popular, busy places that we hand-pick, you’re putting your brand right at eye-level. The most widely used, most affordable, and most effective kind of guerilla marketing is wheatpasting. Wheatpasting posters, also known as bill posting, are an effective way to draw notice to your upcoming promotion, performance, or event from passersby. The cornerstone of a broader advertising campaign is frequently a brilliantly executed poster. Gorilla Printing excels at design and location, which are crucial.

Wheatpasting 102
Lady Gaga Stupid Love
Snapmag Happy End Of The World

How can you launch a campaign for wheatpasting?

Flyers are most likely to start arriving on the weekends and in the evenings. Wheatpasting has long been seen as a form of guerilla marketing, but in the past five years, it has gained greater mainstream acceptance. The Outdoor Advertising Association of America still does not consider wheatpasting to be a legitimate form of outdoor advertising. Many in the industry think this is because of the guerilla roots of the sector.

What benefits does wheatpasting marketing offer?

Why is wheatpasting successful for both big and small businesses? It achieves the best results in terms of brand exposure and remember for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that it is less expensive than traditional advertising. The posters are a quarter of the expense of a magazine or television advertisement, yet they can draw the same amount of attention. Location is crucial for this strategy; place the ads in busy areas and have them blend in with the environment.

Although the prices of this form of outdoor advertising can vary depending on the region, they are still very useful for media campaigns because they lower overall CPM (cost per thousand views). Poster sizes range from 24×36 to 48×72, and so on; they can be hung either horizontally or vertically.

What are some Wheatpasting Poster Formats?

Various forms of wheatpasting advertising exist, including:

Placard-based Posters

There are no specific or pre-determined sites for the display of wheatpaste posters, which often measure 11×17 or 18×24 and are placed in conspicuous indoor or outdoor spots around local communities. These are great for emphasizing new product releases, local events, and business promotions.

Magnet Posters

In order to promote customer contact, these 8.5×11 posters include customer take-one pull-tabs. These posters can mostly be seen inside cafes, storefront windows, college campuses, public bulletin boards, streetlights, and construction sites.

A-frame posters

11 x 15-inch guerilla cling posters are printed on a static electricity-charged polymer that enables them to stick to a variety of surfaces without the use of tape, paste, or staples. With these signs, you may place them in more imaginative and strategic locations and even cut them into specific shapes to improve their effectiveness.


These 3×4 brand-named magnets are mounted on metal surfaces all across a selected city. Common sites include street poles, storefront gates, automobile driver doors, newspaper kiosks, identical walls, and building entrances. This guerilla marketing strategy is exceptional in its efficacy because consumers carry the magnets for personal use at their workplaces, houses, or hostels.

Plasterboard Posters

With the agreement of the property owners, our wheatpaste posters are 24′′ x 36′′ thin paper posters that have been glued on various surfaces using wheatpaste, including wallscapes, stores, and construction sites. Because they are specialized, they display a single company’s advertising campaign with around 18 to 32 posters in each location using a variety of wheatpaste poster designs. In high-traffic areas, the posters can be shown on a range of surfaces, including building facades, obstacles, alleyways, different buildings, skate parks, outside of schoolyards, outdoor shopping malls, and so forth.

Does wheatpasting work?

Yes, in terms of return on investment, this style of guerrilla marketing exceeds all other outdoor advertising formats or print advertising efforts (ROI). In the larger cities, each poster receives an average daily seeing rate of 750+ persons. In order to ensure that posters reach their intended audience, they are placed in strategic locations. Poster posting is absolutely something you should consider for your upcoming campaign.

They are effective at increasing brand recognition, arousing interest, inspiring want to buy, and, occasionally, driving direct sales (via QR and promo codes). They work well as an addition to digital and other out-of-home (OOH) formats, as well as for marketing events, store openings, and other occasions.

They are easier to schedule than traditional print billboards because they are bought on a weekly basis rather than a monthly one. Given that it connects them with trendy neighborhoods and cutting-edge marketing techniques, many brands view wheatpasting as successful in terms of building their street cred. Wheatpastings are also helpful for producing creative content for social networking sites.

Is wheatpasting legal?

In the past, errant postings have been placed around cities. The word “wild” refers to being “out in the wild,” which indicates that you are not in a conventional location.

The majority of communities have rules that forbid placing ads on either public or private property. Despite the fact that in some neighborhoods of many cities, it is common practice to hang posters from street poles, construction sites, and other cityscape elements. It is feasible to hire allowed street-level space for advertising posters, even if this is not legally considered wheatpasting. For more information on how to prevent your brand from being harmed by a wheatpasting campaign, get in touch with Printing Brooklyn.

How long are wheatpaste posters up for?

Freestyle wheatpastings stay up until either the owner removes them, property management cleans them up, or the weather wears them down (e.g., heavy rains, sun, sleet, etc.)

In large cities, freestyle wheatpaste posters are frequently up for 2 to 5 days (e.g., New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and so forth). They will stay put for the allotted amount of time if they are allowed to post in the wild.

What are some tips to get the best out of my poster posting campaign?

Start by asking whether street posters are acceptable for a certain region and your brand objectives as they come in a variety of styles, sizes, and production methods. Second, because they can be placed more anywhere (for example, indoors, outdoors, or on campus), postcard-style posters are effective for advertising events because they may be seen by a lot more people.

Wheatpastings made with wheat paste are widely utilized to spread awareness, enhance brand identification, and disseminate content. The surface of wheatpaste posters is wrinkled and textured in comparison to the smooth snipe cardstock-style posters, which have a smooth surface. We advise you to use a large, bold font and little text in your wheatpaste poster artwork so that people passing by can easily understand the brand’s aim while walking or driving by.

Each city, and frequently each neighborhood, has its own poster culture that establishes where graffiti is acceptable and where it is not. While it is best for each wheatpasting design to stand alone, posters have more impact when exhibited in bunches. If the goal of your campaign is to enhance customer involvement, think about employing interactive poster designs like tear pads or pull-tabs. You should also always include a QR code and a compelling call-to-action on your posters.

Release new poster designs each week to keep your events visible and current in the eyes of the public. Take use of social media’s crazy publishing capabilities.

Eileen Fiscer
Broadway Various

What is Wheatpasting?

Similar to graffiti, wheatpasting is a direct action method that uses a straightforward visual medium to reach a big audience with messages. It is made by combining water, flour, and sugar. Wheatpasting can be as basic as 8.5×11 sheets of paper, or even smaller, 11×17 copies or printouts, or massive print runs, or many different individual sheets joining together to create a longer message or picture. It has been used since antiquity. 8.5×11 prints and copies typically cost between 3 and 8 cents per sheet, whereas bigger 11×17 prints may cost between 4 and 10 cents per sheet in black and white or considerably more in color. Asking around for quotes on larger printouts is always a smart idea, and almost every independent print business can provide one.

Larger wheatpastes have the capacity to cover entire walls or even billboards. Due to its temporary nature, lack of use of dangerous chemicals, and ability to decompose, wheatpasting, like stickering but unlike graffiti, frequently resides in a gray area of the law. Concentrate on public property, such as metal street signs, utility poles, and utility boxes, if you want to stay inside this gray area. Although some people have found the USPS to be the friendliest when contacting them about someone wheatpasting on their property, it should be noted that mailboxes are considered federal property and that doing so is a felony. Bus stops are public, therefore people should make their own decisions about them; but, frequently, the underpaid personnel of public transit is required to clean them.

The back of stop signs and other difficult-to-reach spots can provide long-lasting results if your pieces are the right size, and if your wheatpaste is made properly, artwork can endure for years even in the wettest and most humid situations. Bring a staple gun if you want to quadruple your efforts.

Going with friends, especially tall ones, or bringing a little step ladder with you usually makes things easier. Three people work best since one person can hold the bucket while the others paint the underlayer, slap it up, and then paint over it again with another layer. You want to ensure that your wheatpaste mixture has completely saturated the poster.

Before stickering, spray-painting, or wheatpasting anything, always verify the local laws and regulations. Most local city governments advise against any inappropriate use of wheatpaste and we disclaim all liability for the acts of those who read this advice.

How to make Wheatpaste

  • Start by bringing 2 cups of water to a boil.
  • Mix in a different bowl. 1 cup of flour and 1 cup of water
  • Beat that flour and water like heck. If you have an egg beater, use it to whisk the mixture until it is as smooth as you can get it.
  • Pour the combined wheat paste into the boiling water after turning it off.
  • Stirring should go on.
  • Pour in 3/4 cup of sugar.
  • Stirring should go on.

Add the non-toxic glue and glitter (shiny! ), if desired, to the 5 gallon bucket after dumping. Be aware that while not necessary, this could improve the texture and adhesive qualities of the aforementioned wheat paste.


The entire process should only take 30 minutes, and once finished, your wheatpaste is ready.

Poster Bombing Notes

To effectively convey information or ideas during wheatpasting, effective design is essential. Remember that the majority of people will view these from a distance, so keep the headline large and legible and use straightforward, high-contrast graphics. Make sure the title conveys the essential message. For those who are only passingly interested, you can also include a short paragraph in smaller size, and it’s always a good idea to include a website address or other relevant link.

Several photocopying franchisees provide significantly larger possibilities, so don’t limit yourself to pasting up standard-size photocopies. If such printing technology is not accessible, large images made up of smaller copies can be pasted up as posters instead. Consider other options as well, such as old anarchist magazines, police target practice sheets with pictures of masked men on them, bus schedules screenprinted with creative patterns, or income tax forms stenciled with the necessary messages about taxation, representation, and exploitation.

It may seem counterintuitive, but the thinner the paper, the better. Thinner paper absorbs paste better, and if an art hater doesn’t like it, they’re more likely to tear it off in tiny parts as opposed to all at once. Another approach to stop such philistines is to swiftly run a razor down and across each poster after pasting it up; if you slice a pasted poster in this way, it will only fall down in small pieces.

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